SI Diagnostic Workshops
(Traditional, w/Cadaveric Session & NP/PA Focused)


This workshop is designed for surgeons who have already completed the SI Primary Surgeon Training course and wish to further their knowledge and understanding of the SI joint. The primary focus of the workshop will be on overcoming diagnostic challenges and gaining a deeper understanding of sacroiliitis and SI joint disruption. These patients present with a broad spectrum of pain patterns, physical complaints/limitations, and history. Understanding how the SI joint patient can be differentiated from other clinical conditions, particularly those conditions emanating from the lumbar spine, is a key goal of this course.


This workshop is for surgeons as well as pain management and mid-level attendees. The same material as the SI Diagnostic Workshop is covered in this course but with an added cadaveric session. The surgeon will review the iFuse surgical technique and then have the opportunity to perform the procedure on a cadaver. During the cadaveric session, pain management and mid-level attendees will meet as a group for a roundtable discussion on diagnosis and diagnostic injections. Team members will then be able to perform SI joint injections on cadavers or on the SI-Sam anatomic model.


This workshop is intended for those mid-level providers working with trained iFuse surgeons who are engaged in diagnosing and treating the SI joint patient. This workshop is focused on overcoming diagnostic challenges. Attendees will work to become more aware of the SI Joint as a pain generator as it relates to degenerative sacroiliitis and SI joint disruption during history and physical exams with their patients. Special “hands-on training” on diagnostic provocative maneuvers will be provided.

Próximas fechas del Taller sobre Diagnóstico Sacroilíaco de 2014:

  • Sep 12 - 13 Atlanta, GA
  • Sep 26 - 27 Las Vegas, NV

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